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27+ Tours & Activities in Barcelona To Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, there is a lot to offer.
During a “standard” trip to the city, it is impossible to see, do, feel and taste all that this city has to offer. Museums, gardens and parks, historical places, architecture and many other places and interesting attractions inside and outside the city requires careful planning of timetables and itineraries, in such a way that it will best fit to your trip nature and will bring you to best utilize your time during your trip to Barcelona. It is very difficult to recommend somebody on generic itineraries that can fit each and every one because it is depend on many elements:
The traveler’s age, the nature of the trip, trip duration… but nevertheless, here are some recommendations for itineraries in Barcelona:

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One day itinerary in Barcelona

Whoever visits Barcelona for one day or even just few hours will probably want to see a thing or two from the many “must see” sites that the city has to offer. The variety of options is obviously huge but if there is a need to choose only one or two things to see they will probably be:
1) La Rambla boulevard
2) The Gothic quarter

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Two days itinerary in Barcelona

Two days trip in Barcelona is not enough in order to easily see and visit in all the sites and attractions that the city has to offer.
Even for those who just want to take a photo and mark "V" (I have been here…) on each and every site and attraction, it will be difficult to go through all the places in two days.
Here are two recommendations:
One recommendation for two days in Barcelona will be to go and see most of the "must see", the main places of the city: Catalonia Plaza, La Rambla boulevard, the Gothic quarter, the port, the Sagrada Familia church, Poble Espanyol, Guell park and more as the time will allow and according to the trip tempo you planned.
Another recommendation for two days in Barcelona will be to choose only few "must see" places in the city and to cover them easily and deeply in the first day, and in the second day to go for a one day tour outside Barcelona in order to taste a little from what Barcelona has to offer in its near surroundings.
Places outside Barcelona can be: Montserrat monastery, Girona or Figueres.
Read all about the different places and possibilities for tours outside Barcelona in outside Barcelona page.

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Three days itinerary in Barcelona

Three days in Barcelona are probably the minimum time required in order to see, enjoy and stroll in the city.
In the city there is a variety of tourist attractions, recreation areas, museums, parks and building that are hard to give up and miss, but with careful planning of the itinerary and the schedule it is definitely possible to succeed doing many things from this variety.

Day 1:
In the day:
1) Catalonia Plaza: statues, fountains and shopping
2) From Catalonia Plaza to the south, towards the La Rambla Boulevard, in which there are different stands, street artists, many restaurants, shops, and other tourist sites along it as: Boqueria Market, Palau Guell, Placa Reial,opera building, wax museum, royal shipyard, Colombus Monument, old harbor, Mare Magnum.
3) From the end of the La Rambla boulevard to the Gohtic quarter and the attraction inside it: The Jewish quarter, Catalan government palace, municipality building, big Gohtic catarrhal, Picasso museum, royal palace and others.
4) The return way from the Gohtic quarter is finished at the Catalonia Plaza and from there continue now to the north, to the Eixample quarter and Passeig de Gracia street where are many stores and architectural work of art such as Casa Batiio and others.
In the evening:
Flamenco show, dinner or in one of the recreation areas (Port Olimpic - recommended)
Day 2:
In the day:
Visit in the old quarter – Rivera quarter and the attractions inside it: Picasso museum, Ciutadella park, Gaudi's Casa Mila, music museum, Espanya Plaza, Poble Espanyol, Olympic site, Art national museum, Fundacio Joan Miro, montjuic hill and magic fountain on it.
In the evening:
Font Montjuic (Magic Fountain) on the top of Montjuic hill, Football game
Day 3:
In the day:
Sagrada Familia temple, the ancient Sant Pau hospital, Guell park, Tibidabo hill
In the evening:
Dinner or a club in one of the recreation areas.

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One week itinerary in Barcelona

A one week trip or 8 days trip is definitly reccommended and exhaustive trip for the avarage tourist in Barcelona.
It is enough time in order to see quite a few things inside the city and also take some tours to see few places outside the city, in its near surrounding, too.
Recommendation for possible itinerary:
1) One day in the sites and attractions inside Barcelona
2) Another day in the sites and attractions inside Barcelona
3) More from Barcelona city + Montserrat monastery.
4) On day to Girona and Figueres.
5) One day to Costa Brava. It can be combined with lodging there and returning the day after.
6) Barcelona city (Guell park or Tibidabo for example) or a trip to Andora.
7) Another day in Barcelona, final tours, maybe strolling again in the La Rambla boulevard or maybe shopping.

Different options for tourists places and nightlife in Barcelona can be seen above in the previous recommended itineraries.

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Tips & Recommendations

Some Tips/Recommendations related to itineraries in Barcelona, all from personal experience and accumulated experience of many other tourists:

  • There is endless number of museums in Barcelona. Don’t try to see them all. Visit the main and most popular ones: Picasso museum, Miro museum, Dali museum in Figueres, Football museum inside Camp Nou and the aquarium of Barcelona.
  • For football fans and especially for FC Barcelona fans, watching football game is a must!
  • Watching a flamenco show is a must!
  • Shopping – The prices in Barcelona are not cheap so it is better use your time for touring.

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