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Indeed, to Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, there is a lot to offer, but there are also many places that are worth a visit, in a short distance outside the city itself. Montserrat monastery, for example, located in a distance of 1 hour away from the city, or the wild beaches of Costa Brave. Figuares, the city of Salvador Dali, or the old city of Jirona. It is worthwhile and recommended to go out from the city in order to complete the experience of visiting Barcelona.

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Places/Sites/Attractions Outside Barcelona


Montserrat monastery is located around 60 Km outside Barcelona, in a distance of not more than 1 hour drive. This is the most important religious center and cultural center in Catalonia and one of the most important benedictĺs monasteries in the world. Visitors are not allowed to really enter the monastery but it is allowed to visit the church (the main building in the place), a grayish basilica from 16th century. Above the main altar, in a small niche, there is the Holy of Holies of the place, the Black Madonna statue, Cataloniaĺs patron.

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Costa Brava

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