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This site began is way as a website describing our travelogue from our "honeymoon" trip to Barcelona.
In it's early stages, the website consist only one page (main page) in which we generally described our experiences from our trip to Barcelona.
As the time passed, we decided to add more descriptions and more detailed explanation on main tourist sites and attraction, those which we visited and those we thought every one who travel to Barcelona shouldn't miss. We also added descriptions on our private experiences, tips and recommendations we thought can be helpful to every one who is planning his trip to Barcelona.
So, the website grow and many new pages were added with every possible info inside them on many issues: main tourists sites to visit inside Barcelona, attractions and places outside the city, accommodation, food, entertainment, nightlife, shopping, flamenco, football, transportation, architecture, museums and more and more on any possible topic.
The info we added is a reliable info with up to date details, that was collected from books and from the internet and also from other tourists in Barcelona.
Today the site is a full Barcelona travel guide (a Bible to people who are visiting Barcelona). It is being fluently and persistently kept updated and as it was written before, it contains lots of info and photos.
We hope (and pretty much sure) this website and the enormous amout of info it contains, will help you to plan your trip to Barcelona.

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You are welcome to sent your comments, suggestions to - Barcelona4All.

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